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Writing for Profit

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Are you looking for possible markets for your writing? Then this, the most popular course on offer, should help you.

Different markets, and how to do the market research needed to access them, are examined. This is applied through a practical session that involves researching current publications and learning how to 'read as a writer'.

Also the realities of today's publishing world are explored along with the routes and approaches through to the agents and publishers, with self-publishing as an option.

Resources - books, reports, magazines, printed web pages, articles, competitions, course and festival details are all brought along to be searched and studied.

"Masses of information, clearly presented, professionally led and benefited from experience on wide ranging field."
Afrianne Denys Jones

"First class - packed with information."
Penny Virgoe

"Good to have a practical course - many courses are woolly - this one was very instructive and constructive. Ta."
Lorraine Jenkin

"Insight into variety of markets, information on contacts. Inspirational and motivational to get going."
Alice DeBacq Rose

"Interesting and Informative day. Productive and inspiring."
Louise Davis